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iPad Winner

Thursday 3rd July

Congratulations to Mr Garak Begg from Begg Shoes for being the winner of an Apple iPad after being selected at random from all the feedback we have received on our website.

Garry’s Angels – A wager has been settled!

Friday 30th September

Last year, Garry Page (Inverness Contracts Manager) suggested he might train for and complete the Loch Ness Marathon in 2016. Colleagues Andrew Gow, Chris Little and James Ewan said it would never happen. They were so confident that Garry wouldn’t complete the marathon that they suggested that if he failed, he had to come to work wearing a dress, but if he succeeded, that they would instead.

Well as you can see, congratulations Garry Page for completing the Loch Ness Marathon 2016, and Andrew, Chris and James thanks guys (or ladies) for being really good sports!